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We are specialists in Investment, Asset management and Development of UK Real Estate.

Working alongside our Investor Partners we provide a tailored Investment Management service with a hands on and personal approach.

We utilise our expertise and market insight to lead our partners by managing the investment process and individual assets from beginning to end throughout the real estate life cycle.


Our style is personal, creative and opportunistic. We acknowledge the new age investor requires partners who have a breadth of experience at the same time as differentiating themselves from the crowd in a manner which is risk aware.


L.M. Stern was created to provide a dependable and transparent service and offer investors a straightforward and deliverable conduit for investing in UK Real Estate.


Turning Complexity
into Solutions
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Areas of Specialism
Separate Accounts
Joint Ventures
Structured Vechicles

As real estate investment managers for private investors portfolio’s.

Co-investing alongside private equity, institutional or family office as partners.

Orchestrating managed capital as investment and development managers.

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