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Market Insight,
Maximum Return

L.M. Stern was established out of loyal investors’ trust in the Directors proven ability to perform consistently in the UK commercial real estate market.
A wholly independently owned firm, our focus has been, and will remain, to maximise consistently both our shareholders and our investment partners’ returns in direct real estate investments across the UK.
Our investment directives ensure each case is carefully researched and reviewed employing all available tools to extract as much information as possible, assessing the real estate fundamentals as well as the value add prospects.
We are committed to developing long-term partnerships with investors based on strong ethical values, transparent processes, a highly personal approach and an unswerving commitment to quality.


The structure and nature of our relationship with our partners is easily tailored for specific projects and to best suit individual investors' needs. Personal relationships and client care sit at the core of our strategy. It is essential for us to understand what drives the professional investor in order to be able to satisfy their real estate investment requirement

Our primary objective is to outperform the market and produce risk controlled long-term returns for our shareholders and our partners.


Giving Back


As a business we encourage our people to become involved in charitable projects alongside our commitments to a number of organisations.

Lord Mayor Treloar’s

The Treloar Trust provides education, care, therapy, medical support and independence training to young people with physical disabilities from all over the UK and overseas. The aim is to prepare young people for adult life, giving them the confidence and skills to achieve their full potential. The main areas of work are the non-maintained nursery and school (from 2 to 19 years) and college (from 16 to 25 years). In school, young people are challenged and their abilities nurtured to prepare them for the next stage in their lives, the aim being that every student leaves having achieved at least one nationally recognised qualification. In college, the aim is to enable all learners to achieve their long-term goals of a more independent life and make a meaningful contribution to their community, including higher education and employment.

(UK Registered Charity Number: 1092857).

Sternian Foundation

Over 100 years ago, LWC’s founder, Lord Wandsworth (Sydney Stern), recognised a need to provide a vibrant, supportive boarding school environment for children from difficult backgrounds to enable them to thrive. Today, LWC continues to keep this vision at the heart of what they do. 
The LWC Foundation supports around 50 children who face tough challenges at home having lost the support of one or both parents through death, divorce, illness or separation to benefit from the support, structure and stability of LWC’s vibrant boarding school environment. 
These children could be living with elderly relatives; in cramped conditions; or with a grieving or ill parent struggling with daily routines and balancing work with their child’s education.  Some are victims or witnesses of domestic violence whilst others are on the cusp of going into care.
Foundationers can attend school without the pressures and distractions of home, have a chance to enjoy their childhood and with the transformation support of the LWC Community they can flourish and reach their potential.  It costs approximately £1.2m to fund the Foundation each year. 

(UK Registered Charity Number: 1143359).

New Bermondsey Sports Foundation

The New Bermondsey Sports Foundation (NBSF), registered charity no. 1141811, was established in May 2011 to provide world class sports facilities for school, community and elite use in south east London and to safeguard those facilities for future generations. The facilities will be located in a new sports centre called Energize within the future New Bermondsey development.

In the meantime, NBSF has established the ‘Thunderdome’, a 24,000 sqft temporary sports facility comprising 2 full size basketball courts and 14 table tennis tables for London Thunder Basketball and Fusion Table Tennis Club respectively which receives over 3900 visits per month.

(UK Registered Charity Number: 1141811).

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